Data Science Professional Certificate

The courses in the Data Science Professional Certificate include: What is Data Science Tools for Data Science Data Science Methodology Python for Data Science Databases and SQL for Data Science Data Visualization with Python Data Analysis with Python Machine Learning with Python Applied Data Science Capstone How it is different This professional certificate has a strong emphasis on applied learning..Except for the first course, all other courses include a series of hands-on labs and are performed in the IBM Cloud (without any cost to you)..Throughout this Professional Certificate you are exposed to a series of tools, libraries, cloud services, datasets, algorithms, assignments and projects that will provide you with practical skills with applicability to real jobs that employers value, including: Tools: Jupyter / JupyterLab, Zeppelin notebooks, R Studio, Watson Studio, Db2 database Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, ipython-sql, Scikit-learn, ScipPy, etc..Projects: random album generator, predict housing prices, best classifier model, battle of neighborhoods Who this is for Data Science is for everyone – not just those with a Master’s or Ph.D..Anyone can become a Data Scientist, whether or not you currently have computer science or programming skills..It is suitable for those entering the workforce as well as for existing professionals looking to upskill/re-skill themselves and get ahead in their careers..In the Data Science Professional Certificate we start small, re-enforce applied learning, and build to more complex topics..I consider a Data Scientist as someone who can find the right data, prepare it, analyze and visualize data using a variety of tools and algorithms, build data experiments and models, run these experiments, learn from them, adjust and re-iterate as needed, and eventually be able to tell the story hidden within data so it can be acted upon – either by a human or a machine..If you are passionate about pursuing a career line that is in high demand with above average starting salaries, and if you have the drive and discipline for self-learning, this Data Science Professional Certificate is for you..“Now is a great time to enter the Data Science profession and IBM is committed to help address the skills gap and promote data literacy” says Leon Katsnelson, CTO and Director, IBM Developer Skills Network..“Coursera, with over 33 million registered learners, is a great platform for us to partner with and help with our mission to democratize data skills and build a pipeline of data literate professionals.” Cost and Duration The courses in this certificate are offered online for self-learning and available for “audit” at no cost..“Auditing” a course gives you the ability to access all lectures, readings, labs, and non-graded assignments at no charge.. More details

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