Blockchain is the Solution, But What are the Underlying Issues in Supply Chain Management?

The underlying issues of supply chain systems and how Blockchain technology can revolutionize Supply Chain Management is certainly a complicated, but important topic..We consume a variety of products daily ranging from food to beverages..But, have you ever wondered how far these products must travel?.They travel across a supply chain to reach us from the farmers..However, Supply Chain Management has a lot of issues with the presence of many middlemen and a rising number of frauds..So, Blockchain technology is here to soon rule supply management systems..Though it is a panacea for many supply chain challenges, one must dig deeper to understand these issues that our systems are facing today..So, what are the underlying issues of the supply chain?.How does Blockchain aid in improving them?.Supply Chain Challenges and Blockchain Solutions Well, why do we need Blockchain technology at all?.Are there any problems in the existing supply chain systems?.Is it affecting the productivity of manufacturing?. More details

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