Big Data Ethics and 10 Controversial Data Science Experiments

Data and Big Data Ethics Data science is changing the game when it comes to manipulating data sets and visualizing big data..Knowing how to conduct a successful data science experiment is critical for businesses if they want to effectively target and understand their customers..With these experiments, comes a responsibility for understanding big data ethics..There is so much data out in the world that many people are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it..Also, most people have no idea how powerful that information truly is..Yes, data experiments have the potential to improve their lives..At the same time, how do companies not step on toes with their data usage and application?.Data science experiments are typically utilized to not only answer questions a business may have, but helps businesses to create those questions to begin with..We’ve compiled a list of some of the most controversial data science experiments that have raised questions about the use (and misuse) of big data..Target’s Pregnancy Prediction [1] Let’s first look at one of the most notorious examples of the potential of predictive analytics1.It’s well known that every time you go shopping, retailers are taking note of what you buy and when you’re buying it..Your shopping habits are tracked and analyzed based on what time you go shopping, if you use digital coupons vs paper coupons, buy brand name or generic, and so much more.. More details

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