A Minimalist Guide to SQLite

In this example Ill populate a DataFrame with some CSV data, create a new SQLite 3 database and dump the DataFrame out to that file..import sqlite3 import pandas connection = sqlite3.connect('trips.db') df = pandas.read_csv('trips.csv', sep=',') df.to_sql('trips', connection, if_exists='append', index=False) Conclusion SQLite 3 isnt a toy..Its a powerful SQL-language interface enabler..As storage speeds and single core performance in CPUs increase the amount of data that can be sensibly handled within a reasonable time by SQLite 3 continues to grow..SQLite 3 is also a very good educational tool..If someone is coming from a closed-source data practitioner background and theyre trying to get their head around the open source data science world on Linux (or Windows or Mac OS for that matter) then SQLite 3 provides very little friction to that learning experience..There isnt one database that solves every problem but there are databases that are very good at solving many problems..I certainly consider SQLite 3 to be one of those databases and I see it as a valuable tool in my toolbox.. More details

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