5 Design Problems You Should Be Solving with Data

When you’re juggling all of this, you might think to yourself, “at least I don’t have to be a numbers person,” and you avoid complicated topics like data analytics at all costs..If you find yourself thinking along these lines, this article is for you..Here are a few common problems you might encounter as a designer, and how some of the basic approaches of data science can be used to solve them..It might actually take a few things off your plate..The person I’m designing for has no idea what they actually want If you have any experience with designing for other people, you know exactly what this one really means1.You might be asked to make something vague such as “a flyer that says who we are to potential customers and has a lot of photos in it.” A dozen or so drafts later, you have figured out plenty of things they don’t like and are no closer to a final product..What you need to look for are the company’s needs..Not just the needs they say they have; ask them for the data..The company might already be keeping their own metrics, so ask what numbers are most concerning to them, and what goals they have for improvement..If they say they don’t have any data like that – FALSE..Every organization has some kind of data, even if you have to be the one to put it together..It might not even be in the most obvious of places like an Excel file!. More details

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