The Secret of Great Programming is Motivation

This document is the definitive text on humility, self-discipline, personal ethics, strength, and is considered one of the best philosophy works of all time.And this book is also one of the best motivational guides available to software developers to be GREAT in their jobs.And some of the mind-blowing lessons we can learn from Marcus Aurelius can be as below.Obstacles and Challenges cannot stop you.“The impediment to action advances action..What stands in the way becomes the way.”A developer earns his bread by solving problems..We all love to be able to do something creative for the world, for our customer..We love the accolades and the appreciations that come along with it.But life is not always a bunch of roses.We do get demoralized when the tester reports a serious bug in our code..We get in the defensive mode when a customer is “not happy” with the functionality provided by us..Our “developer ego” comes to our rescue all guns blazing in our defense and we fail to see the other side of the coin, the problem itself.Any “bug” or “reported” issue is a great opportunity to self-reflect, see what have we done wrong and learn from our mistakes..We may notice that we didn’t write a test for an issue that we created, or that we didn’t refactor method that really needed that, or we haven’t followed some other best practices.Every time that life presents you with an obstacle, you must choose to perceive it as quality feedback… And use it to determine your next move.Keep Progressing“Dwell on the beauty of life..Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”Malcolm Gladwell asserts in his book, Outliers, that it takes about 10,000 hours to get good at something..10,000 hours is the equivalent five years working at a full-time job..Yes, five years is a long time..But, more than the time taken, it is the “willingness” to learn that is important.You can always say to yourself, “I am not very good at this yet..I am going to make a lot of mistakes.. More details

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