Data Science with Medium Story Stats in Python

I don’t think these extrapolations are all that useful but they illustrate important points in data science: making a model more flexible does not mean it will be better able to predict the future, and, all models are approximations based on existing data.ConclusionsThe Medium stats Python toolkit is a set of tools developed to allow anyone to quickly analyze their own medium article statistics..Although Medium itself does not provide great insights into your stats, that doesn’t prevent you from carrying out your own analysis with the right tools!.There are few things more satisfying to me than making sense out of data — which is why I’m a data scientist— especially when that data is personal and/or useful..I’m not sure there are any major takeaways from this work — besides keep writing for Towards Data Science — but using these tools can demonstrate some important data science principles.Overfitting just a little with a 15-degree fit..Remember, all models are approximations based on existing data.Developing these tools was enjoyable and I’m working on making them better..I would appreciate any contributions (honestly, even if it’s a spelling mistake in a Jupyter Notebook, it helps) so check out the code if you want to help..Since this is my last article of the year, I would like to say thanks for reading — no matter how many stats you contributed to the totals, I could not have done this analysis without you!.As we enter the new year, keep reading, keep writing code, keep doing data science, and keep making the world better.As always, I welcome feedback and discussion..I can be reached on Twitter @koehrsen_will.. More details

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