AI Predictions for 2019

Both, large companies and startups are building the distributed, secure and privacy-enabled computing framework to enable this.Summary2019 will be a watershed moment for AI, when the technology will be gradually coming out of the hype cycle and start becoming widely adopted in all types of businesses, processes, products and services..Consumers’ understanding of the technology will start changing: however, privacy will still be a challenge that businesses will have to address in order to ensure widespread public acceptance of the technology..Privacy-enabled AI platforms, smartphones equipped with AI chips and significant local compute, will change the way AI gets distributed..By the end of the year, AI would be delivering highly personalized content and recommendations that will delight the consumers and would feel unnaturally personal.Next Story: Impact of Poor Addresses in India: $10–14 Billion a YearPrevious Story: AI Predictions for 2018Hi there..Articles like this one take quite time and effort, so if you’d please clap for me, it would let the editors know that you liked it..Thank you. More details

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