Upgrading an unsupported Galaxy to Android Pie

Now type adb devices and your phone will ask if you want to allow USB debugging from your computer, click yes.Type adb devices again and you should see your devices serial number in the command prompt.Next you will need to Install a custom recovery image called TWRP on your device using these tools.You’ll need the TWRP recovery image for your device, here’s a list of all Samsung devices, find your device and download the latest version making sure to get the download with the .img extension and NOT the .img.tar extensionGo into your downloads folder, hold shift and right click, now select open command window here(It might say powershell depending on your system settings, powershell will work just fine too.)Now you need to connect your phone to put it into bootloader mode..In your command window type adb reboot bootloader.When you get into bootloader mode enter the command fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.2.x.x-xxx.img replacing the x.x.xxx with whatever version was appropriate for your device.Then you need to boot into the new recovery partition, to do so enter adb reboot recovery and you’ll now find yourself in the TWRP recovery tool you just installed.Finally we’ll install the Lineage OS ROM you downloaded for your device (if it’s not in your downloads folder where you have your command window open, move it there now).First we’ll use TWRP to remove the old copy of the OS..Hit Wipe on the TWRP menu and swipe right down the bottom to perform the factory reset..(If you get an error about the /data partition then look at the end of the article for how to solve that).Next go back out to the main TWRP menu and go into ‘Advanced’, then into ‘ADB Sideload’ and Swipe right to begin sideload mode.When the phone is in sideload mode go back to your command prompt and enter adb sideload lineage-16.0-xxxxxxxxxx.zip where xxxxxx is the remainder of the filename you downloaded (Quick tip type “adb sideload lineage” and hit tab for it to autocomplete the filename for you) and hit enter.Next you’ll want to do the same for the openGapps zip you downloaded so type adb sideload open_gapps-arm64-9.0-xxxxxx.zip (again use tab to autocomplete)Finally restart the phone by going back to the main TWRP menu and hitting reboot!.hoooray!Also as I said before, if you ran into a problem with the /data partition while wiping the phone it could be because you have your phone encrypted..To get around this, in the Wipe menu on TWRP there is an Advanced Wipe option..Select the Data partition and hit ‘Repair or Change File System’, then hit change file System and select EXT2..When complete go back and change the file system again back to EXT4 and trying to wipe the partitions should now work.. More details

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