The Review 1514764800 — 1546300800

The year was a wild ride full of many ups, downs, and lots of amazing people around me.It always amazes me looking back 365 days how much changes, and how different my reality is from what I perceive going into a new year.January 2018 was me in a maze, having just recently completed my NYSC (National Youth Service Corp), and the lost of my dear Dad.Alas: The Journey of an aspiring world class developer began!Kicking off January 2018 all fired upAfter reading “so much about #100DaysOfCode and #301DaysOfCode” — I made a decision to move back to Lagos from Ibadan and work at my uncle’s firm where I had full access to internet facilities, it was a wonderful experience, as I was able to up my coding skills, learning, surfing, connecting, and taking few online programming challenges..Communicating and connecting with the fellow developers brought out the sugar in the whole learning process..It suddenly becomes easier to find solutions to problem, know where to get best fit solutions to frustrating errors, refactor ideas, and get updates and news on trending needed tools..To mention a few from the amazing friends Sodiq ALCOyo facilitator, Awwal ALC Lagos member, Eleftheria Batsou, Benjamin N..Spak, Steven Lambert, Mr Chuks, Marouane Rassili, Emmanuel Okanlawon, Wilberforce U, William Imoh and the ever inspiring Oseni Luthfulahi fellow ALCOyo member.The victory they all help me achieve is every day motivation to come back and even code more, how to think and solve complex problems, apply and learn from taking on challenges..All this pushes me when I am dead tired to open up the system and code..The lack of sleep fast became totally worth it for the joy I feel when having to learn a new tool introduced by any of this lovely buddies.AccomplishmentsThere were some significant milestones that I was able to accomplish:Got a google mobile web specialist scholarship through the Andela Learning Community.Joined a world leading Tech solution firm, NCKTechnologies.Wrote the backend APIs powering 3 leading mobile apps on google and apple store.Wrote and published my first woo-commerce plugin.Made lot of contributions to the open source community.Launched a new personal project, (AdroitCode).Got a scholarship to University of Technology Talinn, couldn’t attend due to some personal and financial constraint.Got a foreign remote job, but couldn’t continue due to work permit issues.Spoke at 2 meet-ups.Going ForwardMy theme for next year is Yes you can be better!, so 2019 will be another year focused on learning, and getting better than the best I was..I can’t wait to get started, I am beginning to realise how much momentum we’ve gained this year.I plan on learning Go lang, Python (Django), Docker, dive deeper into Node and Mongo, explore Kubernettes, and also chip out some projects with each of this stacks, so stay glued to my github repo.I also plan on starting to write some technical blog post, I’ve wanted to share a technique I’ve been working on to develop Laravel, Slim php applications.I also plan on taking on algorithm challenges going into 2019, knowing fully well that I always shy away from solving algorithm problems, but I think the perfect time to level up on that is now.I am not also planning on giving up on my NARUTO DREAMS, To Be A World Class Web Developer.World Class Software developer, gonna do it the Naruto way!!!Between, 2019 is gonna be fun filled, trust me, am never too busy to spend quality time with you all beautiful friends turn family around me..Love you all.ClosingThere are so many intangibles that happened in 2018 that didn’t fit in this post, but so many people are responsible for helping me achieve my goals in 2018!.Thank you, everyone, that has shared the dream of the Adroit One, encouraged me, and helped me be the best I know how to be this year.Thank you, God bless you all, and see you all next year!. More details

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