Spotify ReWrapped

If we calculate the mean duration of songs listened to this year (4:05), there’s an error of 69 songs.Another hit taken, Spotify!.This statement is:FALSE4..You spent 41 hours with your favorite artist Jorge Drexler, and the pleasure was all theirs.I won’t put into doubt my favorite artist this year was Jorge Drexler.Being retwitted by your favorite artist is better than Radiohead’s In Rainbows..Word.If you came around this blog before you probably know I did a deep analysis into his music and lyrics and his albums were my soundtrack for those long hours..The part about the pleasure being all his I really doubt, but I know for a fact he liked it.Now let’s check the amount of hours..top_listened = df[ < '2018-12-01'].groupby(by=['artist']).agg('sum')['duration'].sort_values(ascending=False)[:1]top_listened = top_listened / 1000 / 60 / 60 # ms / s / m -> htop_listenedThat’s 42 hours and 40 min..It means that if the mean of the songs I’ve heard from Drexler this year is 3:41, Spotify’s numbers are off by almost 22 songs.Sorry, Spoti… but this is anotherFALSEAny excuse that I can get to embed a Drexler song, I’ll use..5..The ChartsHere comes the juicy part..Looking at the Top Artists part, I realized everything didn’t seem as accurate..As said above, Charly García and Serú Girán were nowhere to be seen..Also, on Top Songs, 3 of them belonged to Martin Oliver’s sophomore album on which I had a humongous crush in April when it was released..Cirrus from Bonobo, I listened in repeat everyday in January and February..The thing is, I knew for a fact my biggest obsession track-wise this year belonged to Tints by Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar — my god what an infectious beat.. More details

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