Getting Started with Group Programming

We also decided to combine “research” work into the “simple” bucket because we felt it would be better for one person to read up on the things, educate the team, and propose a decision, which we then were able to discuss, find agreement, and move forward together.In our case, our simple/research work looked like:Set up branch that we’ll all work off ofAdd flask as a dependency to the application stackChoose a Flask REST API frameworkOur complex work looked like:Implement an authentication mechanismImplement the resource for handling requests (our view layer)Create the SQLAlchemy model and SQL schemaWrite tests for the new resourceCommunicate, communicate, communicateWhile independent programming and group programming are not mutually exclusive working styles, it does not mean that someone on the team can go work on something independently without asking the team first if it’s okay..When a team member did go off and work on their own during hack week on a part of the project, it was expected that they would check in with the team first to avoid duplicating work, and review what they did with the group ASAP so context was shared while it was still fresh in the implementer’s head.Try group programming with your teamWe found group programming to be a fun change of pace where we were able to solve problems and write code together as a team..At the end of the week, we had a demo-able project and we felt like we improved as team members, collaborators, and engineers..In 2019, try group programming with your team; all it takes is a single question..Happy new year!Thanks to Lauren Pappone, Sid Kakarla, and Jessica Ross for trying out group programming!.It was a super fun hack week.. More details

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