Anthony Shaw

I had an overwhelmingly large response, which I’m just getting around to answering to everyone.Which is the fastest version of Python?Of course, “it depends”, but what does it depend on and how can you assess which is the…Python 3.7’s new builtin breakpoint — a quick tourDebugging in Python has always felt a bit “awkward” compared with other languages I’ve worked in.Most developers import the pdb module from the standard library and run pdb.set_trace() which enters an interactive…Phasing out Python runtimes gracefullyDropping support of a Python runtime can be a tricky task for any package maintainer.5 speed improvements in Python 3.7Python 3.7 is in Beta!.It’s time to get testing… is it any faster?A brief tour of Python 3.7 data classesA Brand-new feature in Python 3.7 is “Data Classes”..Data classes are a way of automating the generation of boiler-plate code for classes which store multiple properties.. More details

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