Resistance to becoming a Pythonista

SOLID are just principles; you can apply them in any language..This was eye opening for me…I started researching on Python: It is in the top 3 programming languages (as of Dec 2018) according to TIOBE and StackOverflow confirms that it has surpassed C#..Same as the HackerRank Report..What??.Am I missing a trick?This is how my journey to becoming a Pythonista started… I had to be convinced that it’s worthwhile..Here are the answers to two of my main reservations:I love my career in the finance sector: What makes financial organisations use Python?I am not a ‘cowboy’: Do SOLID principles apply in Python?What makes financial organisations use Python?Quick Time to Market: You can go ‘from zero to hero’ pretty quickly..There is a rich set of libraries that have pretty much everything you will ever use..Writing Python programs is like building a tower with Lego..You can find the individual blocks and all you need to do is to glue them together to build your algorithm.Bridges Economics and IT: Quants and tech savvy business people can understand and also write their algorithms in Python..I.T..can then integrate it in a full stack application.Embraces Analysis: Anaconda comes with an installation of the Jupyter notebook, which is every developer’s and data scientist’s playground to analyse data and create visualisations..Trading, Market Prices, financial risk modelling are some applicable areas.Do SOLID principles apply in Python?YES — They do!. More details

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