Custom CSS Issues with WordPress and How to Fix It

Custom CSS Issues with WordPress and How to Fix ItPawan SahuBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 28As a WordPress user, you may find tons of tutorials online that explains how you can customize your theme by adding custom CSS..But none of these tutorials explains the problem that you can have when doing so.In this article, we will be covering the reasons why your custom CSS doesn’t work..We will also provide a fix to the issue so that you can customize your website any time you want.CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets..These are used to customize how your website looks and feel..If you are new to customizing WordPress theme, the chances are that you will be confused on how to customize your website using custom CSS when building a website.Customizing a website is not a bad idea as it gives you the ability to polish a website and ensure that it looks like the way you want..All the current WordPress themes come with the option to add CSS and override the old CSS.Why custom CSS is not working?To get a better understanding of why your custom CSS is not working, you need to learn why the issue is even happening in the first place..If you follow any guide on the web, you would know how easy it is to add custom CSS considering you know how CSS works in the first place.The custom CSS cannot work due to many reasons..One of the reasons includes cascading issues.When you install your theme, you get a set of CSS files associated with the theme..However, things get complex when you create a child theme..Child themes bring a new complexity to the table..For example, if you want to change a plugin’s CSS and change how it looks in the front-end, you may find yourself stuck as custom CSS doesn’t work..It happens because of cascading issues.Cascading is a CSS property that makes which enables you to override the original CSS associated with the theme itself.. More details

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