Introducing M3

The current implementation of the query engine is tied to M3DB but the design can support other time series databases.M3 CoordinatorM3 is a very complete platform but also enables the integration with mainstream time series analysis systems such as Prometheus..M3Coordinator is a service which provides APIs for reading/writing to M3DB at a global and placement specific level..It also acts as a bridge between Prometheus and M3DB..Using this bridge, M3DB acts as a long term storage for Prometheus using the remote read/write endpoints.Getting started with M3 is relatively easy as the entire platform is packaged as Docker containers..The infrastructure has been tested on major cloud platforms such as Google Cloud and the entire source code is available in their GitHub repository.M3 is certainly one of the most advanced infrastructures for time series analysis in the current market..While M3 might lack the support of commercial alternatives, it comes with the robustness developed during years of supporting Uber’s time series analysis processes..Doesn’t get much better than that.. More details

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