How to automate CI for any iOS Project

Something as simple as which version of Xcode a system is using can impact the outcome of the build.For this post, we chose Travis CI as our CI build service of choice..They allow free CI builds for open source projects and integrates well with Github.RequirementsA GitHub account is necessary to sync with Travis CI..Once activated, public repositories from Github are able to sync with Travis CI..The sample repository used in this post is available here..Included is an Xcode workspace, configured with CocoaPods and a unit testing target.The YAML FileCI build services can setup and build any project with the help of a custom .yml file..Since we are using Travis CI we are going to need to set up a .travis.yml file in the root of our project.Shown below is a sample .travis.yml file that we’ll use to analyze the customizable attributes.1..languageTravis CI supports a wide variety of languages including Swift and Objective-C..Setting language to objective-c will work for both.2..osx_imageThe Xcode version to build from..At the time of writing this we are using the latest version, Xcode 10.1.3..xcode_workspaceThe path to the Xcode workspace file..For most projects, the location of the Xcode workspace file is the root directory.. More details

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