George Seif

An Introduction to Scikit Learn: The Gold Standard of Python Machine LearningMachine Learning GoldHow to Setup a Python Environment for Machine LearningTransfer Learning for Image Classification using KerasTrain an image classifier in a few easy stepsAI doesn’t need to be fully interpretableWhy did interpretable AI become such a hot topic?A Bag of Tricks for Image ClassificationCome get your deep learning goodiesHow to do everything in Computer VisionUsing deep learning magic for computer visionA Guide for Building Convolutional Neural NetworksComputer Vision it at the forefront of advancements…A Guide to Decision Trees for Machine Learning and Data ScienceAn easy introduction to unsupervised learning with 4 basic techniquesHandling Imbalanced Datasets in Deep LearningNot all data is perfect..In fact, you’ll be extremely lucky if you ever get a…. More details

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