Why you need technical leadership, and what happens when you don’t have it.

We didn’t know yet what makes good code or have the ability to spot anti-patterns and common mistakes.Senior developers know many of the issues that can arise in code and would have spotted a large number of the mistakes we were making..They are a valuable resource, especially in peer reviews.Testing in showcaseWe had no QA team..Testing was often not done properly by developers..The result?.Testing was often completed for the first time in the showcases..This resulted in showcases that dragged on for hours as we sat there and logged every single bug our stakeholders would find.You need a testing team to properly catch problems and validate your tasks are done properly..Developers are notorious for not testing properly.Code QualityThe quality of the code you put out is one of the biggest factors in a project’s success.Close-up image of JavaScript code..Photo by Markus Spiske on UnsplashCopy-paste CultureWe had a copy-paste culture..Whenever we didn’t know how to do things, we would simply search it up on Stack Overflow..This lead to a lot of code that was mostly composed of things we could copy off the internet..This copy-paste culture lead us to producing often poor code, code that was taken out of context, not fully readable, or even properly understood by the person who copied it.There are many different things you could say about this..This is common in a lot of projects and environments, but really shouldn’t be.. More details

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