So you want to become a developer? Some tips on how to maximize the Bootcamp experience

Here’s my advice on maximizing the bootcamp experience.BEFORE THE BOOTCAMPPhoto by NeONBRAND on UnsplashAll our prospective students at Le Wagon are required to complete some prep-work before starting the bootcamp..This includes the free Ruby track at Codecademy, an online interactive platform that offers introductory coding classes..The amount of work you put into this phase will determine how much more advanced you can exit the bootcamp.If you’re in Lisbon (or another Le Wagon city), attend some of our free introductory workshops..We have workshops covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby for beginners..This is a great opportunity for you to find out what I believe to be the most important question you should be able to answer: do I enjoy coding?Should the answer be yes, apply for a bootcamp and get ready to put in some work before you start..Our coding bootcamps are designed for absolute beginners and we will teach you everything from scratch, but acquiring some strong foundations beforehand will be invaluable in getting you to a much more advanced level at the end of the program.The amount of work you put into this phase will determine how much more advanced you can exit the bootcamp1..HTML & CSSExpose yourself as much as possible to HTML and CSS, the building blocks of web pages..Get familiar with HTML syntax, get to know the various tags available and find out how pages can be styled with CSS..Use the browser’s inspector tool to look at the structure of websites you know and see how they use CSS properties to achieve that look.You can do Codecademy’s HTML & CSS track to get the basics..Then download some free Bootstrap templates and try to modify them to build yourself a personal or business website..Don’t worry if you feel it takes you a long time to do simple changes or if you’re not able to implement exactly what you imagined..You’ll learn that during the bootcamp.. More details

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