PHP or Go

So we resolved that issue and did the test one more time.For the test we used 1000 requests and 100 concurrency:Although there was a striking difference, we decided to try with more queries — 10000 requests and 100 concurrency:At the higher load the PHP started to return failed requests, so we did another test without Nginx using only Go..This time we used 10000 requests and 1000 concurrency for the test and the results were interesting:It was obvious that Go without Nginx worked faster and steadier..This made it clear how to proceed further.We were clear to go with our next task..Since we wanted to use different domains on one port we had to find small and fast proxy for our Go API..Which we did.So in case you need to build a high loaded application operating tons of requests we strongly recommend Go and our approach if you find it useful.Originally published on the MTR Design company website.MTR Design is open for new projects and cooperations.. More details

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