Learning how to code without the jargon

Below is a screenshot of the CLOC (Count Lines of Code) tool I used to count how many lines of actual code exist in the file.CLOC (Count Lines of Code) developed by Al Danial at https://github.com/AlDanial/clocAnother thing is to point out is that, to most people, Python makes much more sense..The code is clearer, doesn’t have annoying jargon, and you can easily adapt it to do something else or add things, like buying other items, or looking at other properties like price, brand, nutrition and so on..It takes considerably more effort to add more stuff in C than it does in Python.And that’s why we’re going to use Python to help you learn how to code..While it does still seem like I’m using a lot of jargon right now, I promise it will make so much more sense later on..Python’s extremely close similarity to grammatically correct English makes it a viable candidate for learning languages that are easy to follow..While it isn’t a quintessential candidate for the easiest programming language, it certainly helps to get you started.In my next article, I plan on helping you jump straight into setting up Python on your computer and running some very basic test code to make sure it all works.Hopefully, this has left you wanting for more..Thank you for taking the time to reach the end!. More details

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