How to submit content to CS Dojo’s YouTube channel and Medium publication

So, you’ll be able to put it on any other channel/site at the same time.As I mentioned above, you can monetize your video in any way you’d like.What type of content are you looking for?I’m looking for content in a wide variety of topics.They include:Machine Learning / AIJava tutorialsJavaScript tutorialsHTML / CSS tutorialsCoding interview advice/tutorialsAnd anything else our community might be interested in watchingHow to submit contentIf you’re interested in getting your content featured, there are two ways of going about it.One is to submit a video to the CS Dojo Community YouTube channel, as I mentioned above.The other one is to submit a written article to this Medium publication.If you’d like to submit a video, I’ll need two things from you:A script or an outline of the video — please share this via a Google Doc..This document should also include a few ideas for the video title.A video production sample..If you’ve already made a video before, please feel free to send it..If you haven’t, please produce a one-minute sample video just with the equipment you already have.If you’d like to submit an article, I’ll only need an outline or a draft.To submit either a video or an article, please use this form.Any questions about this?If you have any questions or comments about any of this, please let me know in the comment section below.Again, you can submit your video or article here.You can also check out our new YouTube channel and Medium publication through the links below:CS Dojo CommunityCS Dojo’s Medium publication. More details

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