Getting started with Docker

When you execute docker commands like run, pull or build it actually downloads the image from the remote registry.InstallationDocker is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac which you can download from here..I am on Mac so have no choice other than using the OSX version for this tutorial but I am pretty much sure it is akin to the Windows one..Once installed, go to the terminal or Shell and run the following command:docker versionYou will see a different version as you can see mine one is pretty old and can’t upgrade due to my OSX limitations..Regardless of that, if you can see something similar it means all is well..Shall we move on?.Good!.read on.The object is to set up a development environment related to PHP and MySQL so that you can create php based web apps..You are willing to use the latest version of PHP and MySQL..For this tutorial, I will go for PHP 7.3.x and MySQL8..You want to keep your code on Github so for that you must have Git installed.Creating Dockerfile fileI already brief above what is Dockerfile all about so it’s time to start creating our own..Before you do that, create a folder with name DockerPHPTutorial and inside that create a subfolder with name src which will keep all the source code related to your app..Make sure that Dockerfile is in the root folder.. More details

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