An introduction to Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing

Organizations with a lot of software developers are use cases for private cloud, as developers have frequent requests for new virtual machines.Public vs Private — HybridA Hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud services and private clouds..It is not necessary to have a private cloud in order to use the hybrid cloud..A hybrid cloud can be a combination of virtualized, on-premises data centers and public cloud services as well..Hybrid cloud can be done on the IaaS or SaaS level..Hybrid cloud can also be seen as a bridge between the public and private clouds, which enables moving workloads between those deployments based on policy, costs, and so on.Power Tools — Let the war beginNo Tools BroNow everything said, how can we use Cloud Computing and how can it affect us in a good way..We need our Power Tools.Now, how many cloud providers are there?.Quite a few in which Azure is one of the prominent Cloud ProvidersFew of the names are:-Microsoft AzureAmazon Web ServicesDigital OceanIBM CloudGoogle Cloud PlatformWhy do we love Microsoft Azure?Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that serves as the development, data storing, service hosting and service management environment..Microsoft Azure provides on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage web applications on the internet through Microsoft data centers..Even, you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.The following are some important aspects wherein Azure scores over any other Cloud Providers out there:PaaS CapabilitiesNet CompatibilitySecurity OfferingsHybrid solutions for Seamless Cloud ConnectivityIntegrated EnvironmentGentle Learning CurveThe ‘Enterprise Agreement’ AdvantageNow, why should you learn Azure?Azure Job TrendsSource: Indeed.comThe demand for Azure Solutions Architect and Developers as can be seen in the trends are increasing, and hence it makes sense for you to upgrade yourself to be the master of the cloud.In the next story, we willCreate an Azure AccountSignUp and pass all the process neededSee how to navigate in Azure Management PortalHow to add SubscriptionsWhat is Azure for Students Pack?Start a VM using Azure for students pack.. More details

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