My Path to F#

I got to use the same test data from the CSV files for this C++ library as I did for the C# one.The project later progressed to the point that upon checkin of the XML and CSV files, the C# library was generated and tested..If that succeeded, the C++ library was generated and deployed to a database..If that testing succeeded as well, we knew we were ready for a full production deployment and database updates.That same customer needed a console app to help make a lot of calls to evaluate a third-party app with a REST API..A little F# app I whipped together worked great..Next, they needed something to make some database calls..Same story..All of these efforts were done as a lone developer.I haven’t written all that much more F# that was deployed to production, but it has been crucial for testing out some poorly documented REST APIs, inconsistencies between on-premise Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, and a myriad of other purposes..F# scripts and F# Interactive are awesome..And I can’t tell you how happy I am not writing PowerShell.Have my teammates latched on to F#?.Nope..I did get one to try C# Interactive, though..Baby steps.. More details

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