My first Data Science Interview

You have all the test reports that contain numerical data (BP, Sugar, heart rate, lipid profiles etc), radiology reports that contain images + text reports (with findings from image by the doctor) and nursing reports that contain subjective as well as objective information about patient’s health. Patient’s data is in the form of reports that is time series data. Based on these reports, you have to calculate 3 things:a) What are the % chances that patient will survive in ICU. Which algorithm you will use and why?b) What is the mortgage rate i.e. whether a person will die in the ICU in the following week or not. Which algorithm you will choose and why?c) Define some extra features useful for your problem that are missing in the question.d) If the doctor is a machine, how will you communicate the current condition to the patient’s family ?Bonus QuestionOne question that I really liked from MCQ’s was this:You are given a problem in which you have to decide the bias vs variance tradeoff..You use Decision Trees to solve a particular problem but the Dataset is huge (in TB’s). So you decide to split the Dataset and apply decision trees Individually on each broken piece. When you average out the bias and variance what is surely going to happen when compared to result from a single decision tree?i) Increase Biasii) Decrease Biasiii) Increase Varianceiv) Decrease VarianceMy BackgroundI have done my Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2014..I decided to apply for this course after I finished my Self Driving Car Nanodegree from Udacity in 4 months (When this degree was originally of 9 months)..At the time I applied, I knew just Deep learning and was learning Machine Learning from Andrew Ng’s Course..I am working full time in a MNC in their newest Self Driving Car Project.Answers and ResultResult: I was selected because my subjective score was high even when I was careless in Objective..But when I found out the curriculum of IIT, I decided not to join IIT and continue with my work I am doing currently on Autonomous Cars..35 people were selected and 34 joined for this course as it very difficult to get an IIT tag with your name, I just wanted knowledge hence I skipped.Answers: I want to promote your thinking, even if you don’t know the answers don’t feel bad..Just try to find out..I have decided I would provide the answers on a separate post next week..Till then, try to find out answers especially for the third problem.Please connect with me on LinkedIn or drop your Email-Id in the comments section..I will drop you a mail once I write the post containing answers.. More details

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