Why Machine Learning is the BEST field in the world

On that day I decided that I want to work on things that it will be hard for me to explain.Today, I know that Machine Learning (or Deep Learning, AI, Data Science and Computer Science in general) is the best field be in..There are many reasons for this, let me focus on these six:It’s FascinatingAs I mentioned above, working on systems that are far from straightforward, that are able to perform really extraordinary tasks, is super exciting..Think about “text” for instance..Today we have systems/agents that are able to understand what we are saying or writing..Ok, not really understand, but it’s able to represent our language into something that can help us in many tasks like translation, question answering, classification (e.g. spam detection) and much more!.Many of us take for granted what machines are doing for us..Not only in “text” of course..Machines solve a lot of our problems/tasks in many other fields (more on that later)..Being in the middle of this revolution brings us the most interesting challenges.It’s DiverseThere’s no limit to what machines can do today..It’s very hard to find a field that is not benefited by machine learning (and if there’s one, it makes it much more interesting)..Today, fields like Natural Langauge, Image, Medical Data, Advertising, Human Resources use Machine Learning more and more..Machines play games, hire people, trade cryptocurrency, drive cars, help in diagnosing diseases, suggest applications on your phone, show you ads on Facebook, help you arrive at your destination by car and much much more.. More details

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