Predictive Modeling and Its Social Issues

What’s surprising is that this proofs as to how much weightage data holds in mainstream business world; despite being accountable for consumer privacy, companies are willing to trade it off with risk of losing confidential information.A new system must be shaped in order to hold the transparency about the data collection, prediction and usage..This should necessitate the involvement of users as well the stakeholder to come to a treaty before that information can be used..Although, at this moment users do give their permission to company for extraction their information, but these companies play it very subtle and won’t let the user really know that they are giving away something valuable..Therefore, a more united approach is required to move on with data management in a right way..Businesses, consumers and partners all must adopt a common ground within astructured manner..However, it seems unlikely in current scenarios since everything is moving around too fast.Reference:Anonymous..“How Data Privacy Issues Can Unite Business and Consumer Interests” VirtruCorporation.., M..(Sep-Oct, 2017)..“Big data and the emerging ethical challenges”..Retrieved from National Center for Biotechnology Information.., K., Harkins, R.. More details

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