Planet Beehive

After all our goal today is to map out each activity on the map and making it comparable on the average rating it receives as well as the number of reviews it got.Therefore in the following plot we see the top 15 activities purely based on number of reviews and then the top 15 activities based on our newly created scoring measure:What an interesting differences!.Some key takeaways:None of the activities in the top 15 in number of reviews are probably very surprising to anyone; completely dominated by the famous activities in Europe and North America (actually New York).While the top 15 activities in our newly created weighted score measure reflect a high diversity of continents present (again 5 out of 7) and definitely include some new bucket list entries for me personally.It surprises me that none of the top activities based on number of reviews also made it to weighted score top list..This must mean that their average rating received online is significant less than the top 15 of the weighted score activities.While the top chart is dominated with European activities, the second chart only has two activities from Europe included..So while they receive a lot of reviews (and visitors), their ratings falls a bit behind other (less visited) activities.The concluding chartNow it’s time to enable all of us to explore all activities ourselves while being able to clearly distinguish the rating as well as the number of reviews for each of them..We will now plot all activities with a marker fill being the floored average rating while we will make the size of the marker the number of reviews..All detail for each activity will be in the label when you hover over.Also below you will find the top 100 activities based on our newly created measure for further reference.Be sure to zoom into your home country (don’t blame the map for having a bit less details) or your next travel destination as you just might find some real great catches!. More details

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