Forecasting with Prophet ????

As a result, price drops as well.EvaluateLast but not least, we can evaluate the forecast using Prophet’s cross validation procedure.Use the cross_validation() function on the model and specify the forecast horizon with the horizon parameter.Next, call performance_metrics() to get a table with various prediction performance metrics.We can also plot the mean absolute percent error (MAPE) over the forecast horizon to determine how trustworthy our forecast is..Here, we use a percentage error instead of the mean squared error (MSE) simply because it is easier to interpret.We see for this forecast that accuracy decreases as the forecast horizon expands..Overall, the error rises from 5% during the first month to around 10% over the course of the next two months.SummaryTLDR: Prophet is an extremely easy tool that is well suited for non-experts and experts alike to produce reliable forecasts..In just a few simple steps, we learned how to produce a high-quality forecast for avocado price!Thanks for reading!.Stay tuned for more as I continue on my path to become a data scientist!.✌️. More details

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