eDisMax: Query Parser — A parser to be going mad for?

However, this approach can be tedious when needing to search across many fields.For example, the query below uses eDisMax as the query parser:Once the query has been transformed into Lucene objects, we can see that a boolean operation has been applied:This query uses Standard Query Parser syntax:In this case, transformation into Lucene objects is far simpler:Search Valhalla AwaitsThere is no one true superior parser..The best parser to pick depends on your system specifications and on your expected parsing scenarios.Your choice isn’t just limited to Lucene and eDisMax..There are parsers to manage complex phrases containing wildcards and boolean operators..There are parsers to interpret functions (“{!func}”) inside queries..There are even parsers that transform graph-type queries.One thing that’s important to be clear on, is that you should pick carefully..A change in parsing strategy down the line could cause queries to start returning zero results when searching..Parse eternal, search warrior.. More details

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