A Junior Developer on the Indorse PlatformAnd how our Validators assessed his programming skills!Meet Your Validators: Alexander PankivA JavaScript & Python Validator on Indorse!Meet Your Validators: Liam WilliamsA multilingual Validator on Indorse!Top 10 JavaScript Resources, November 2018Articles, Videos, Books, Courses and GitHub repositoriesMeet Your Validators: Suhas GundimedaAn engineer coding with JavaScript and Python!Top 10 Python Resources, November 2018Articles, Videos, Books and GitHub repositoriesAn Expert JavaScript Coder on the Indorse PlatformAnd how our Validators assessed his GitHub…Meet Your Validators: Athul TuttuA Python Validator on Indorse!Popular Coding Challenge WebsitesYou Should Definitely Try!Top 10 Python Resources, October 2018Articles, Videos, Images and GitHub repositories. More details

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