AVA 1.0 ????

See the ci-parallel-vars package for a list of supported CI environments.AVA now detects when it’s required from a Node.js REPL.We’ve improved the colors for use on light terminal themes.The assert module in Node.js 10 no longer crashes.Source maps, generated by AVA when compiling test & helper files, now contain correct paths to the source files.TTY support for process.stderr is now emulated in the worker processes.The default reporter now includes files that did not declare any tests in its final output.AVA now prints pending tests when timeouts occur, when using –verbose.<React.Fragment> can be used in t.deepEqual.title functions of macros now receive undefined rather than an empty string if no title was given in the test declaration..This means you can use default parameters.Breaking changes since 0.25.0Supported Node.js versionsWe’ve published a statement with regards to which Node.js versions we intend to support..As of this release, we’re only supporting Node.js 6.12.3 or newer, 8.9.4 or newer, 10.0.0 or newer and 11.0.0 or newer..This does not include Node.js 7 and 9.Tests must now have titles, and they must be uniqueYou can no longer do:Instead, all tests must have titles, and they must be unique within the test file:This makes it easier to pinpoint test failures and makes snapshots better too.Note that AVA no longer infers a test title from a function name:Modifier chainingAVA’s various test modifiers (.serial, .skip) must now be used in the correct order:.serial must be used at the beginning, e.g..test.serial()..only and .skip must be used at the end, e.g..test.skip()..You cannot combine them..failing must be used at the end, but can be followed by .only and .skip, e.g..test.cb.failing() and test.cb.failing.only()..always can only be used after .after and .afterEach, e.g..test.after.always()..todo() is only available on test and test.serial..No further modifiers can be applied.Declaring testsYou must declare all tests and hooks at once..This was always the intent but previously AVA didn’t enforce it very well..Now, once you declare a test or hook, all other tests and hooks must be declared synchronously.. More details

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