A Junior Developer on the Indorse Platform

After getting to know what this platform was about, I immediately realized that I had to try it!When Edgars submitted his first claim, 10 randomly selected Validators received these 3 data points:(a) Programming language: JavaScript(b) Proficiency level: Intermediate(c) GitHub repo: via GitHubA ‘claim’: a code repo or an assignmentAs you know by now, when a claim is submitted on Indorse, Validators are notified and start evaluating the code.An important element to note is that Indorse’s validation mechanism (called AIP) is based on human intelligence combined with an optimised platform..That is not something to take lightly..Validators that review the code, apply their own specialised knowledge and tap into their own experience to determine if the individual has the skill that he/she has claimed to have.Edgars, what claim did you make?.Can you present your project?I submitted my first project called “Blog” to be validated on a JavaScript intermediate level..This blog is based on Laravel and all the functionalities are mostly on Vue.js.I see, and why did you submit this specific repo of yours?While working full-time, I always lacked time to practice because I am married, and I need to devote time to my son and family!.But this summer I broke my leg and I had to recover at home; that allowed me to complete my project..The goal was to reinforce my understanding of project design, to get to know the new CSS framework, to practice Vue.js and Laravel.The result of these days of convalescence was the creation of a bilingual SPA..So far, my code has been rated by my manager and it was a great opportunity to get feedback from expert developers..I was expecting my rating to be around “medium”..I am very happy that I was indorsed!!Btw, I’ll gladly share my project with all your readers, maybe someone will find it useful: github.com/narkoze/blogAn ‘indorsed’ claimIndeed, Edgars claim was indorsed!.He, and any other coder that submits a claim, are evaluated according to 4 different criteria..Validators rated each one of these criteria on a scale from 0 to 5.After this process, Validators either indorse or reject the claim.Code Quality: Single responsibility principle, Liskov substitution principle, dependency inversion, open/closed principle, etc.Knowledge of Design Patterns: Database modeling principles, object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) principles, etc.Source Control Usage (Gitflow): Consistent commits, degree of authenticity of repo, good usage of git principles, etc.Test Coverage: Good test coverage, contains unit and regression test, etc.Comments added by the ValidatorsFor each validation, Validators have the possibility to add relevant comments based on their evaluation of the material that was submitted by the coder.. More details

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