UX design from a programmer’s perspective

I thought we could whip up a decent prototype in an hour or two, but I was so wrong.As an attempt to get started, I just placed random objects on the interface sketch, but I felt like I was getting nowhere similar to my first experience programming.When I wrote my first program, it was difficult to get started because there was so much to think about — I had to wrap my head around syntax, writing loops, and all such things..Now its pretty much intuitive — I usually subconsciously already know how to start..The same happened when I started designing for the first time..No matter how how many articles I read I was still lost as to how to begin..Then a friend suggested we start with an Interface Architecture diagram before starting with prototyping..It maps out all the requirements and linkages between different parts of the interface, like in the diagram below.Interface ArchitectureDrawing an Interface Architecture diagram turned out to be very helpful.We could now see exactly what the requirements were for each page on the website..We now had a starting point..Sketching the low fidelity prototype became so much easier..I could just start at the top of the wireframe without worrying whether I had forgotten something or how things are grouped together..We used balsamiq as a tool to build the prototype.Low Fidelity prototyping of HomepageUser TestingAfter sketching out the low fidelity prototype we moved on to user testing..For me this was the fun part..People sometimes tell me that UX design is different from programming because its based on opinions but I couldn’t disagree more.. More details

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