[Toolkit] Configuring Your Vim

Vim also has other help pages (lots of them) that go into thorough detail on every topic (well, every vim topic) you could possibly wonder about (you can run :help by itself for a help page that lists the help pages…).I Just Want to Copy and PasteWARNING: This will delete anything you already have in your .vimrc..I do it that way because some vim options are incompatible with each other or lead to unintuitive results when mixed..If you have anything you like and don't want to lose, then just selectively pick and choose what to add from the above.cat << EOD > ~/.vimrcset nocompatibleset nomodelinefiletype plugin indent onsyntax onset mouse=aset wildmode=longest:full,fullset wildmenuset textwidth=80set formatoptions=cqset numberset scrolloff=5set backspace=indent,eol,startset whichwrap+=<,>set autoindentset softtabstop=3 shiftwidth=3 expandtab shiftroundset incsearchset rulerset showcmdEOD. More details

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