[Toolkit] Bash Basics

Also similar to the above, if the destination file is a directory, you’ll make a copy inside the directory with the same name as the source file..That’s actually what we’re doing here..We can also use mv to "move" a file to a new name.bash:~/BashIntro/Dir $ mv my_cool_file.txt moved_file.txtbash:~/BashIntro/Dir $ lsSubDir moved_file.txtbash:~/BashIntro/Dir $EchoThe last command I want to mention is echo.bash:~/BashIntro/Dir $ echo these are some wordsthese are some wordsbash:~/BashIntro/Dir $As you can see, echo just writes back what you typed (with some caveats)..This has a lot of uses that are beyond the scope of this intro but it’s a simple command and good to know..(I also used it before to create a file so I felt I should mention it.). More details

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