How To Live Long and Prosper in Tech

It feels good, obviously, but you also add value as a developer when you can mentor junior developers..Employers take notice when they see you giving brown bag presentations or working side-by-side guiding other developers..You will be looked at as a leader in your department..Also, you learn while preparing to teach a class or give a presentation..You’ll also re-enforce the skills you already have during preparation of materials or creating demos..Paying it forward is not just a professional mantra for me, I incorporate it in my everyday life..It just feels right.Open Source — The OpportunityOpen source software (OSS) is community-driven software with the source code freely available..OSS solutions cross a gambit of industries and use cases..Most, if not all, OSS projects usually have more needs than active developers which equals an opportunity for you..Pull down the source code..Look at the issues/enhancements list..They may be in Jira, github issues or something else.. More details

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