20 Years of Data, 10 Conclusions

What’s crazy is this: 15 years ago it was common for large companies to have only a handful of data scientists (or “data miners” as we used to say), yet hundreds of marketing people (nothing against marketers!)..Today, having 100 data scientists on staff is not considered an outlier.→ Real hustle motivates and inspires..Fake hustle does the exact opposite.→ Being busy isn’t a goal or an accomplishment..Getting the right stuff done is..Not letting yourself get overwhelmed is..Finding balance is.→ The workplace is a microcosm where small issues get magnified and blown out of proportion..As a leader it is your job to put things into perspective — not fuel the fire.→ Although it can feel bureaucratic, process is really important..Sprints and OKRs generate focus and transparency..But don’t forget that the goal of a process is not the process itself.→ Start-ups are more fun..Building from scratch without endless management of constituents is one of the most rewarding professional experiences I’ve had.→ For consumer companies, funnel conversion will decline over time and customer acquisition cost will go up..It’s gravity..It’s expected.. More details

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