Quality inspection in manufacturing using deep learning based computer vision

Quality inspection in manufacturing using deep learning based computer visionImproving yield by removing bad quality material with image recognitionPartha DekaBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 18Author: Partha Deka and Rohit MittalAutomation in Industrial manufacturing:Today’s increased level of automation in manufacturing also demands automation of material quality inspection with little human intervention..The trend is to reach human level accuracy or more in quality inspection with automation..To stay competitive, modern Industrial firms strive to achieve both quantity and quality with automation without compromising one over the other.Deep Learning for Quality inspection:To meet industry standards quality inspectors in manufacturing firms inspect product quality usually after the product is manufactured, it’s a time consuming manual effort and a rejected product results in wasted upstream factory capacity, consumables, labor and cost..With the modern trend of Artificial Intelligence, industrial firms are looking to use deep learning based computer vision technology during the production cycle itself to automate material quality inspection..The goal is to minimize human intervention at the same time reach human level accuracy or more as well as optimize factory capacity, labor cost etc..The usage of deep learning is varied, from object detection in self-driving cars to disease detection with medical imaging deep learning has proved to achieve human level accuracy & better.What is deep learning?Deep learning is the field of learning deep structured and unstructured representation of data..Deep learning is the growing trend in AI to abstract better results when data is large and complex..Deep learning architecture consists of deep layers of neural networks such as input layer, hidden layers, and output layer..Hidden layers are used to understand the complex structures of data..A neural network doesn’t need to be programmed to perform a complex task..Gigabytes to terabytes of data are fed to the neural network architecture to learn on its own..Sample deep neural networks below:Convolution neural Network:Convolution neural network is a class of deep neural network commonly applied in image analysis.. More details

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