Bringing the best out of Jupyter Notebooks for Data Science

Let’s get to the working part.Installationpip install jupyterthemesList of available themesjt -lCurrently, the available themes are chesterish, grade3, gruvboxd, gruvboxl monokai, oceans16, onedork, solarizedd ,solarizedl.# selecting a particular themejt -t <name of the theme># reverting to original Themejt -rYou will have to reload the jupyter notebook everytime you change the theme, to see the effect take place.The same commands can also be run from within the Jupyter Notebook by placing ‘!’ before the command.Left: original | Middle: Chesterish Theme | Right: solarizedl theme3..Notebook ExtensionsExtend the possibilitiesNotebook extensions let you move beyond the general vanilla way of using the Jupyter Notebooks..Notebook extensions (or nbextensions) are JavaScript modules that you can load on most of the views in your Notebook’s frontend..These extensions modify the user experience and interface.InstallationInstallation with conda:conda install -c conda-forge jupyter_nbextensions_configuratorOr with pip:pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions && jupyter contrib nbextension installStart a Jupyter notebook now, and you should be able to see an NBextensions Tab with a lot of options..Click the ones you want and see the magic happen.In case you couldn’t find the tab, a second small nbextension, can be located under the menuEdit.Let us discuss some of the useful extensions.1..HinterlandHinterland enables code autocompletion menu for every keypress in a code cell, instead of only calling it with the tab..This makes Jupyter notebook’s autocompletion behave like other popular IDEs such as PyCharm.2..SnippetsThis extension adds a drop-down menu to the Notebook toolbar that allows easy insertion of code snippet cells into the current notebook.3..Split Cells NotebookThis extension splits the cells of the notebook and places then adjacent to each other.4..Table of ContentsThis extension enables to collect all running headers and display them in a floating The functionwindow, as a sidebar or with a navigation menu..The extension is also draggable, resizable, collapsible and dockable.5..Collapsible HeadingsCollapsible Headings allows the notebook to have collapsible sections, separated by headings.. More details

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