Studying Austin Gentrification

Yet in three years between 2013 and 2016, this number dropped dramatically to 25%, suggesting either more housing supply, or a higher income population moving in.Finally, this is a comparison between the rent value and the rent-income ratio of Census Tract 23.04, both standardized by the sample mean for that feature..Here, the pattern is both dramatic and unintuitive..From 2015–2016, you see a sharp increase in the rent price, and a decrease in the rent-income ratio..Once again, since Rent-Income Ratio = Rent / Income..If Rent increases, so should the ratio..If it decreases, it is a clear sign that the income must have dramatically increased, due to a higher population moving in..This is verified by knowing there are a set of new developments who opened their apartments in 2015, all of a sudden increasing the rent price of that area and income of the new residents (assuming that those who can move into a brand new apartment will tend to have higher income than those who cannot).Another feature we looked at was the percentage of housing units occupied by renters..In neighborhoods where less people own their own homes, residents may be more vulnerable to displacement.In addition to visualizing data related to housing prices and income, we also visualized the change in demographics for census tracts..We wanted to look for tracts that stood out from the others or closely correlated with the rent visualization to provide a stronger indication of gentrification occurring..Once again, we compare the change in features over time of Census Tract 11 (Downtown) to Census Tract 23.04 (Lakeshore/Riverside).As can be seen for downtown, the hispanic population makes up approximately 10% with very little change over time..Comparing this to Lakeshore/Riverside we see a gradual decrease of the proportion of Hispanic people until 2014, after which it sharply drops off..To emphasize the scale, Tract 23.04 went from over 80% Hispanic, to roughly 40%.If you recall the graph from the rent-income ratio to the rent value, tract 23.04 also experienced sharp changes from 2014–2016.. More details

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