Getting cozy with WebViews

Many apps have started building their own conventions that are cross platform and many developers instead of building platform only features have been busy ensuring the design remains consistent.Web has quietly surpassed mobileFor building a regular application on mobile the web platform provides better features today than native code ever did:Live Reload Web stack is much easier to develop due to live reload..Change something and see it live..Add it the fact that you can debug mostly on the desktop browser and things work fine on mobile..Native never had the luxury in the past and may never have it in the future.Layouting CSS Grid and Flexbox are much more expressive and powerful than auto layouting ever was..As an added advantage there is no interface builder where you cannot do diff across checkins or merge changes across commits.Hot patches Web as a platform has been built online first and adding offline capabilities have been added later..Adding online capabilities and network conditions is many times more difficult than adding offline caching..Minor fixes do not need a huge cycle of submitting an app again for review and watching it slowly being adopted..If built right the web based app can be updated almost instantly for most users.Testing and CI/CD Testing web based code is many times easier than testing native apps..Tests can run extremely fast with the command line and on the automation machines..That makes them extremely easy to use..Setting up a build machine for automating native apps is so much effort that many teams decide to skip it altogether.Features With WebGL we can build apps with full cross platform GPU support in the web platform..With WebAssembly and WebWorkers, CPU intensive computations are all safe and simple.. More details

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