Mr Trask

If it is as long as the many ways to manipulate strings in…Python Fundamentals (5) — Placeholders in Python stringsPython fundamentals (4) — ConcatentationWe saw previously that Python is able to combine the + operator with a string, in order…Python fundamentals (3) — handling variablesThere are many metaphors for variables in Python..One could view a variable as…Python fundamentals (2) — saving Python programs as filesPython Fundamentals [The One Minute Version]Python truly is the language of the moment..It is the world’s fastest-growing…Artificial Intelligence — a brief overviewArtificial Intelligence is the hot tech paradigm of the moment..It is the subject of a great deal of media hype, woes and mythologising..It seems worthwhile, therefore, to try to set the scene, look at some definitions, and see where it is currently being…General vs Narrow AINarrow AI is where we have been..General AI is where we are going..Narrow AI refers to AI which is able to handle just one…Microsoft Edges closer to forcing users to use just one browser. Theirs.Facebook and data: much more than the new Myspace. More details

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