Why kids should learn how to code

Enter: the next generation of programmers.In addition to being able to create new technology, why should our kids learn how to code?Learning to code enhances problem-solving skillsCoding is about taking big projects and breaking them down into smaller lines of codes or commands..Often times, a simple mistake in one line can lead to an error of the whole program..Thus, coding can teach kids to look for and solve errors..This ‘debugging’ teaches children to approach problems step-by-step in order to succeed in a project.Improvement in other studiesComputer science studies requires a high-level of math and many programming concepts are dependant on numerical skills..Therefore, learning to program is linked to better performance in maths and sciences..In addition, the act of learning how to code requires perseverance, leading to stronger discipline..Kids who are able to get through coding problems over and over will be more disciplined; which is reflected when they study other subjects..They are less likely to give up until they get the right answer and find out how they got there.There is a high demand for programmersIn today’s tech-rich career landscape, people who can code are in high-demand..In fact, according to code.org “71% of new STEM jobs are in computing”..Meanwhile, only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer science; meaning there is a deficiency in the industry.The jobs range from front-end developers, who code many of the websites you visit to back-end developers who take care of data management and the ‘engine’ of a certain program..Masters of both are called full-stack developers and are highly-coveted in many organizations..The earlier your child learns to code, the more skills they can acquire by learning multiple programming languages.Additionally, once a language is mastered, learning a second programming language will be easier than the first due to a mastery of the basics.Provides competitive advantage over other candidates for school, scholarships or workAs said previously, there is a high demand for coders in various jobs and forms of employment.. More details

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