Remember the $86 million license plate scanner I replicated? I caught someone with it.

Providing the separate “Australian Wide Plate” set again halved the count and introduced a single extra plate.There is clearly a lot to be desired when it comes to Australian-based data sets for ALPR, and I think that the sheer number of plate styles available in Victoria is a contributing factor.Good luck with that.Planar WarpsOpen ALPR comes with one particular tool to reduce the impact of distortion from both the camera angle and rolling shutter issues..Planar warp refers to a method in which coordinates are passed to the library to skew, translate, and rotate an image until it closely resembles a straight-on plate.In my limited testing experience, I wasn’t able to find a planar warp that worked at all speeds..When you consider rolling shutter, it makes sense that the distortion grows relative to vehicle speed..I would imagine feeding accelerometer or GPS speed data as a coefficient might work..Or, you know, get a camera that isn’t completely rubbish.The planar warp tool provided with Open ALPRWhat others are doing in the industryNumerous readers reached out after the last post to share their own experiences and ideas..Perhaps one of the more interesting solutions shared with me was by Auror in New Zealand.They employ fixed ALPR cameras in petrol stations to report on people stealing petrol..This in itself is not particularly new and revolutionary..But when coupled with their network, they can automatically raise an alert when known offenders have returned, or are targeting petrol stations in the area.Independent developers in Israel, South Africa, and Argentina have shown interest in building their own hacked-together versions of BlueNet..Some will probably fare better than others, as places like Israel use a seven digit license plates with no alphabet characters.Key TakeawaysThere is simply too much that I’ve learned in the last few weeks of dabbling to fit into one post..While there have been plenty of detractors, I really do appreciate the support and knowledge that has been sent my way.There are a lot of challenges you will face in trying to build your own ALPR solution, but thankfully a lot of them are solved problems.To put things in perspective, I’m a designer and front end developer..I’ve spent about ten hours now on footage and code, another eight on video production, and at least another ten on write-ups alone..I’ve achieved what I have by standing on the shoulders of giants.. More details

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