Learning, Coding, & Freelancing as a Dad

While you’re still learning and trying out new things, I think a really good thing to do to progress is to have a look at your own work and see what could be improved..As stated earlier, it can be a delightful, productive experienceJoin meetups and code groupsLooking at other experienced people’s code can be a huge benefit..Talking to them about how they did that in person can also be huge..This could also include conferences big and small.Work on open source projectsLearning how to log an issue, implement the fix, create a pull request, and push your code up for review can be an unparalleled way to learn..You’ll get free feedback, sometimes from some of the world’s best developers..Where else could you get that?To wrap up, if you want to learn to code, you should chase that dream..It can be the best thing ever..Even if it just helps you think a different way, that could pay off big time in your non-coding job.If you have kids and are dead at 8PM and don’t see how you could do it..Just go for it..If you get sick, take some Vitamin C, sleep when you can, and keep at it..It’ll be super hard and take a long time.And you definitely should.Originally published at read.tomhalldev.com.. More details

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