#WakandaForever = $$$$$

Luckily, Tableau has great data management and on the import of both files, you can join them on movie title.This gives us one huge table with all of the data we need: the movie (duh!), the movie score generated from social media, and the movie’s opening weekend revenue..These figures will allow us to create a model in Tableau to help us predict future movie revenues..If we compare the movie’s opening weekend revenue to the movie score generated earlier, we can create a regression line.This line tells us that for each increment of the movie score, an additional $9000 could be generated for that movie..Other important values to notice on this model are the R-Squared value and the P-value.The R-Squared value is showing that the data is representative for about 43% of the actual model, or that the line fits about 43% of the data..If we included more movies to our data, we will be able to create a better model..The P-value is < 0.5, which shows that our data shows strong evidence for our hypothesis.If we wanted to take this a step further, as I did the first time I created this project, we could include the number of comments or posts in the big table for each movie..This would allow us to create another regression line to see how much individual revenue each comment or post could contribute to the movie’s opening revenue.To follow back up with our original prediction, we calculated that Bohemian Rhapsody had a movie score of 2,388..If we plug that into our model, we get a total of $43,203,259..The actual opening weekend revenue for Bohemian Rhapsody was $51,061,119..That gives us about a 15% margin of error, which isn’t too bad for the model we’ve created.In conclusion, social media giants and other corporations have the ability to take a simple tweet you posted about #WakandaForever, or how Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu is an awful idea, and turn it into money.All of the code used to create this model is hosted on github under the GNU GPL license.Edit (12/11/18): Adding predictions for Bohemian Rhapsody based on model and actuals.. More details

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