Top 100 most used R functions on GitHub

There are 2 ways – find functions directly in the GitHub files or find them somewhere else and check their appearance in GitHub codes.There is a problem with the first approach – the same name is sometimes used for different functions in different packages and it might be hard for us to distinguish between them after..So I will find all functions with their packages first, and then check their appearance in the GitHub files.The first idea that came to me was to simply run apropos(“”) to list all functions..This function, however, will list only functions in your environment, which might not be complete..So, I decided to start with packages..I went to see all CRAN packages..I used Google Sheets and this formula ( =ImportHtml(URL, "table", num) to import date from the webpage, listing all packages:R has more than 12 000 packages!.Great for R, not for me..Of course, we can try listing all functions, but I would go for optimisation from this point..It’s not very likely that we will find some of 100 most popular functions in rarely used packages..So, I would limit them..Let’s first find top 100 R packages and functions in them..Hopefully, this was previously done by Kan Nishida here.. More details

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